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Best ai tools for content writing ai blog writer: There are several different AI tools out there for content writing, but what exactly do you need to know about each of them? This article will give you a quick guide to some of the most popular ones, including RankIQ, Article Forge, Textmetrics, and Scalenut.

These are all powerful tools that can help you create high-quality content, and they all have different features and pricing structures. In this article, I will cover the pros and cons of each tool, and I will show you how to use them to improve your content.

AI Tools For Content Writing

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Best AI Tools For Content Writing – AI Blog Writer

AI blog writer tools For content writing:

  • RankIQ
  • Article Forge
  • Textmetrics
  • Scalenut
  • CopyAI


RankIQ is a powerful tool that can help you create better content. The tool utilizes millions of data points and an internal knowledge database to produce drafts of content. Drafts are produced using an AI algorithm and are similar to handwritten content. As data points increase, the tool’s recommendations become more refined. It can help you generate more traffic with better content. RankIQ has an effective AI content writer.

RankIQ’s AI algorithm can help you organize a content outline in minutes by identifying topics that Google wants to be covered. The tool also suggests topics that are currently under-represented in your content. The AI algorithm uses the IBM Watson platform to determine which topics are most likely to generate the best results. It can perform 6,000 calculations in under two minutes. This allows you to write optimized content in no time.

RankIQ helps bloggers curate content writing with SEO. It offers a library of high-traffic, low-competition keywords. Then, the tool can recommend a blog topic with the lowest competition possible. Its keyword library can help you generate relevant content for your niche. With these powerful features, RankIQ is a fantastic tool for writers and publishers.

The company has won numerous awards and has a bright future ahead. In addition to being one of the best AI tools for content writing, RankIQ has also developed a content editor tool that helps editors optimize content for search engines.RankIQ is an AI content writing tool that helps bloggers identify low competition keywords and improve optimization and rankings. It provides suggestions for keywords for blog posts and titles. Its artificial intelligence is powerful, but it’s also easy to use.

The interface is easy to use and produces accurate results. It also allows bloggers to optimize old posts. If you are a newbie blogger, however, RankIQ may be too expensive.

Article Forge

If you are having trouble creating fresh articles regularly, consider trying an AI tool to write your content for you. Article Forge is a machine learning-based tool that uses AI technology to create unique articles on any topic. After you input a few keywords, the tool will create the article and send it to you via email. This service is available for free, and you can even test it out for 30 days with a money-back guarantee.

When you sign up with Article Forge, you will need to fill out a sign-up form, and choose whether or not you want the software to use an API key. When you are finished, the software will generate articles that range in length from four to seventy-eighty-two words. You can also generate a password from the provided blank options.

After registering, you can access the website using your email id and password. To log in, simply click “log in” and then “let me in”. The interface is clean and easy to use.

While there are several advantages to using an AI tool for content writing, many people still doubt the accuracy of such a tool. However, this artificial intelligence tool will save you time, energy, and money.

While it will save you a considerable amount of time, you will still need to edit your work and check for plagiarism, especially if you are not a native English speaker. However, if you are looking for a faster way to write articles, Article Forge could be the tool for you.

While Article Forge is easier to use than Jarvis, the new version of this software features a second learning model, which allows the system to search a database for content and create articles based on that.

The newer version, v2.5, uses GPT-3 learning technology and writing frameworks to create better articles and support more languages. Overall, Article Forge is one of the more effective AI tools for content writing.


As a content marketing and SEO professional, you have probably heard of Textmetrics, a powerful AI tool that provides real-time suggestions and analyzes your writing. Designed for business professionals, Textmetrics helps you improve your content conversion rates, brand visibility, and sales with its powerful features.

These include campaign management, content management, and SEO auditing. It also offers real-time suggestions and integration with third-party tools.

The Textmetrics tool, previously known as Webtexttool, provides actionable intel on your posts and SEO best practices. Using Textmetrics, a popular business tycoon Sandeep Mallya used it to boost his organic traffic by 70%, according to the startup’s website. It also helps you monitor competitor rankings and track keywords. The software operates similarly to Yoast on WordPress.

While AI is not the answer to every writing problem, it can help you craft effective articles and copy. Some AI tools can also produce witty blog posts and email subject lines, as well as the sales copy.

They can even generate blog ideas, blog outlines, and click-bait titles for you. Textmetrics also features an artificial intelligence-powered augmented writing platform, Textmetrics. It reads the content in 12 languages and offers real-time suggestions.

The AI writing tool can be used to generate any type of content, including blog posts, articles, and other online publications. Writing an article with Textmetrics will take about three to an hour, depending on the type of content you need.

While waiting for your results, you can read other stories created by the AI tool. It is a great tool for content marketing and writing because it makes anyone a content creator and researcher.


You can use AI to generate great content ideas, but what is Scalenut? This new tool is a powerful marketing assistant that can do everything from writing high-ranking articles to creating scripts for YouTube videos. It helps you write content for different audiences and platforms, and it even helps you plan your content strategy. It is available on the official YouTube channel, and you can even watch video tutorials for Scalenut.

Scalenut’s AI copywriter tool is capable of creating both long-form and short-form content, and it can even help you create ad copy. By giving it the keywords that your target audience will search for, it can come up with original and compelling content. It is user-friendly and integrates with popular platforms like WordPress. Using AI tools is a great way to produce high-quality content quickly.

Once you have finished creating the content, it’s time to publish it. Article Forge can even help you with the content creation process by providing assistance tools and real-time feedback on your content.

The AI writing assistant also creates reports, so you can see how it’s doing in real time. The content generated by the tool is usually ready for publication and can help you improve it as needed.

Grammarly is another useful AI tool. It provides a proofreading service, and it uses AI and Machine Learning to correct any mistakes that you may make. It’s like a modernized version of Microsoft Office’s spell checker.

Another AI content writing tool is Scalenut’s AI Copywriter. It uses a unique method of content creation to generate effective copy. If you don’t have time to do all the writing yourself, this tool can help you save a lot of time and effort.


With its many advantages, CopyAI is a powerful tool that automates content writing for online businesses. Its pricing models are flexible. It offers a free 7-day trial and a low-cost, introductory plan. After that, there are two paid plans, the Solo and the Custom. The Solo plan is suitable for one user, while the Custom plan is suitable for teams or enterprises. The cost of a CopyAI account is about $35 per month.

CopyAI is particularly effective at creating short-form content. It can generate email subject lines, blog title ideas, headlines, social media captions, product descriptions, and brainstorming topics. It can also generate ideas for social media posts and captions.

Users of CopyAI have said that the generated ad copy is more persuasive than those created by humans, and they get higher engagements and conversions. The tool supports 25 different languages, and it comes with 90 templates.

For businesses, CopyAI can generate product descriptions, social media captions, and more. Users simply have to input a brief description of what they want the copy to contain. The short description should be between 10 to 30 words, but longer inputs give better results.

To make the sample more relevant to the target audience, the user can also input additional details such as the occasion, audience, and promotion. Once these are entered, the sample is generated in a few seconds. It can be saved for later use.

CopyAI uses a GPT-3 writing model which is a unique language learning model. Its technology allows it to create human-like content, including blog posts. CopyAI is also very beginner-friendly. All that is required is entering a few sentences and clicking “Generate.” 

Using CopyAI is very easy and there is no learning curve for most users. So, whether you are an experienced copywriter or a beginner, it’s an excellent tool for content writing.

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