Top Australian Dedicated Server Hosting 2023

Top Australian dedicated server hosting: Are you looking for a more powerful web hosting solution when shared hosting? An Australian dedicated server hosting is a perfect option, giving you the flexibility and control to build a system specific to your hosting requirements.

Here in Australia, there are fewer options compared to the standard shared web hosting but still, we have got a few decent players in the industry.

What is Australian Dedicated Server Hosting?

Australian dedicated server hosting is a physical single-tenant server solution deployed in a hosted environment as a service. Dedicated Servers are delivered as independent infrastructure with their unique operating system in which super-user level access is provided to the subscriber.

This allows the subscriber to configure any aspect of the operating system or install any compatible applications. Australian dedicated server hosting is provided with dedicated resources including processor, memory, and storage for greater flexibility and tailoring to your needs. It is an isolated single-tenant system the solution will deliver higher performance and resources.

A dedicated server is a “shared nothing” computer. All of its resources (CPU, memory, storage) are allocated exclusively to you. Dedicated servers provide high performance, consistently and reliably.


Best Australian Dedicated Server Hosting

  • Digital Pacific
  • Fluccs

Digital Pacific

Fancy yourself as a bit of a tech-head and looking for a more advanced solution? Digital Pacific has a comprehensive selection of dedicated servers to choose from.


With a handy number of plans available (not too many that it becomes hard to choose), Fluccs makes it easy when choosing a dedicated hosting solution. A bonus is their affordability compared to competitors and they are based in Australia.

Who Should Select Cheap Australian dedicated server hosting?

Business Websites with High-Traffic 

Constant Business growth results in traffic spikes on the websites; this leads to the outreach of the shared resources. Australian dedicated server hosting provides you with the potent power to smoothly run your website and handle the user traffic without interruptions, even if your site hits with high traffic.

Manage Your Australian Dedicated Server Hosting With CPanel

Choose the cPanel to operate and manage your Australian dedicated server hosting activities with ease. Plesk’s intuitive and web-based interface ensures you update with the latest server securities. Therefore, buy the Plesk license for Linux hosting to enjoy the cutting-edge benefits for the long term.

Handle and manage your server functionalities with ease using the cPanel which is considered the most popular and user-friendly control panel for the Windows Platform.

Buy a cPanel license for Windows-based Dedicated Hosting to add websites, install OS-compatible software, and manage emails on your server in one click.

Advantages of Using Australian Dedicated Server Hosting

  • Optimal Performance
  • Data Encryption
  • Money Value
  • Secure Networking

Optimal Performance

Australian dedicated server hosting provides you with robust hardware tools based on the latest technology to boost your website performance.

Data Encryption

Encrypt your data with the firewall protection and highest data security measures, including DDoS protection with our Australian dedicated server hosting.

Money Value

Maximize your website performance with minimal cost and experience end-user experience with world-class services with our Australian dedicated server hosting.

Secure Networking

Increase connectivity and connect your Australian dedicated server hosting internally with your private cloud server without being interrupted by external networks in Australia.

Is Australian Dedicated Server Hosting Good For You?

There are a lot of great Australian web hosting options these days for businesses, but the ins and outs can be ridiculously complicated to navigate. There are a few critical things to keep in mind when determining which type of server you should go with, and because no business is the same, no server solution will be either.

This article will focus primarily on Australian dedicated server hosting, where a business rents or buys their specific system reserved only for traffic, and activity from that business, and that business alone. Most people benefiting from this type would be web designers looking for reseller hosting.

Utilizing a dedicated server means that your site will load at refreshingly high speeds, with no interruptions from other users, you will have a highly customizable interface, and you will have the ability to secure your entire operation at the root of the hypothetical problem.

Although the benefits of Australian dedicated server hosting sound pretty irresistible, dedicated servers are not for everyone.

FAQS: Australian Dedicated Server Hosting

Is there any option for upgrading dedicated servers?

Yes, we will help you in upgrading the dedicated service. But you must check out your hard drives, RAM, and CPU.

How is the Australian dedicated server hosting accessible to me?

You may use the Control Panel and SSH Client to access the panel.

Do you make my server instantly available for my use?

We take the shortest time to make your Australian dedicated server hosting ready for your use.

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