Best Dedicated Server Hosting in Canada

Best dedicated server hosting in Canada: For the new blogger or small business owner, upgrading to an expensive dedicated server is the ultimate exercise in futility.

It is like making a new year resolution to get in amazing shape, then canceling your gym membership in February and blowing $2k on the latest muscle growth or fat loss supplements.

You are not going to make any progress and you are just going to lose a bunch of money in the process. However, if you run a website that generates a significant amount of traffic a dedicated hosting service can be the difference between running a lightning-fast, user-friendly, and wildly profitable site.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting in Canada
Best Dedicated Server Hosting in Canada

If you run a highly trafficked business website, then dedicated hosting is not just a good idea, it is all but mandatory. The right dedicated hosting service in Canada will ensure that your website remains safe from hackers and guarantee that your viewers will be able to access the content they need in time every time.

I am going to take a few minutes to explain how we reviewed these hosts and what you should look for in a dedicated hosting service in Canada, but before that, here is a quick PSA for those of you in a hurry.

The average adult now has an attention span that is around 8 seconds and you have probably got places to be and Tweets to twit so I will just cut to the chase.

If you are looking for the best dedicated server hosting in Canada, then you will want to go with Kinsta. The service is set up on the Google Cloud Platform which allows for blazing speeds and absurd optimization. This is for business owners who want the best for their company.

If you want to save a few bucks then the best option is SiteGround. The reason is simple, they have the fastest data centers, a metric boatload of free upgrades that can save you more than $300 per year compared to other hosts, impeccable 24/7 support, Free transfers, backups, SSL certificates, and hacking protection.

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How We Reviewed Our Hosts

We thoroughly test each and every hosting company, looking at everything from uptime to speed to security to support. To get a sense of our top-to-bottom testing process, check out the rest of our Canadian web hosting reviews.

To give you the Cliff Note version, we run a development team that builds and maintains client websites, and, over the last decade or so, we have built more than 900 websites that we still manage to host today.

With the longevity of our projects, we have unique access to data and uptime records for a wide variety of hosts that most review companies simply do not have.

The math wizards here have been kind enough to put together some graphs and statistical analysis for us so that we can share all of that information with you to help you definitively decide on the right hosting service for your needs.

Best Dedicated Web Hosts in Canada

Whether you run a full-time blog, a large E-Commerce store or a high-traffic business website the marks of well-dedicated server hosting in Canada are all the same.

Namely, you want to look for a host with:

  • Free SSL
  • Free Backups
  • Strong Uptime and Low Downtime
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Security Features and Bonuses

I will briefly dive into each of these and explain it in detail at the bottom of the review.


If you have perused some of the other reviews on our site then you probably know that we are big fans of SiteGround. We have been using them for more than seven years and during that time, we have witnessed the company evolution from your average, hosting company into one of the highest-level services on the market.

Unlike some of the more well-known names, they do not rest on their laurels and are one of the only companies that regularly upgrade their data centers and servers to ensure the highest levels of speed and security.

Free SSL and Backups

This a great bonus that will save you $60 per year and ensure that you can rest easy knowing that your website is completely secure and regularly backed up in the unlikely event of a breach.

Unbelievable Customer Support

In an industry that is famous for providing poor customer service and half-assed support, SiteGround stands head and shoulders above other hosting companies, providing some of the most responsive and efficient customer services on the planet.

We are not impressed by much, but SiteGround customer support damn near blew our socks off.


Kinsta is obsessed with creating the fastest hosting architecture for its customers. They use top-level technology to make sure your webpage loads at ridiculous rates.

They use a next-generation infrastructure from server hardware to the software they use.

Google Cloud Platform powers the whole operation and they have 19 data centers around the world. Everything is on their premium network which is specifically designed to minimize distance and hops.


The best thing about Kinsta besides their speed is their ridiculous security processes. They check the status of every single one of their websites every two minutes. Your website will be checked 720 times every single day to make sure it is up and running.

Kinsta backs up your website every single day and has the capability of backing your website up every six hours. They also have a hack guarantee with constant monitoring. If an attack does happen they guarantee a fix with immediate priority.

Customer Support

When paying for a premium service you better receive premium support. Kinsta delivers to the extreme with 24/7 support no matter where you are, WordPress experts, 100% solve rate, and fast response times.

Kinsta uses Intercom which is the best support platform to ensure you get help with what you need help with. If your website is down for whatever reason they might even have it back up and running by the time you message in.

A2 Hosting

After sending a slew of complicated support tickets and inquiries, we were impressed by how quickly and efficiently A2 customer support was able to handle our issues.

While they are not quite as responsive as SiteGround, the difference is nominal and their support is top-notch.

Free SSL

Like SiteGround, A2 hosting comes armed to the teeth with an abundance of security features and a free SSL certificate. With free Cloudflare, New Relic Server Monitoring Setup, and Perpetual Security, you will be hard-pressed to find a more feature-rich hosting service for the price you pay.

Fast Data Centers

With 99.91% uptime and 601ms site speeds, A2 Hosting provides some of the fastest and most reliable dedicated server hosting in Canada at the most affordable prices. Dedicated server hosting in Canada is expensive, there is no denying it.

A2 provides some of the best bang for your buck. Their speeds and uptimes are not quite as impressive as SiteGround; however, considering the price you are paying, you could be hard-pressed to find a provider that offers more value.


As with every host we have recommended so far, HostGator offers customers impeccable 99.99% uptimes with wicked fast load speeds. At only $119 per month, they are, by far, the cheapest dedicated server hosting Canada on the market and they will ensure that you get the most value for your investment.

Good Security & Free SSL

Although they do not have quite as many goodies and free features as SiteGround or A2, HostGator still provides a plethora of advanced security features including free SSL, DDoS protection, a fully redundant network, and 3-5 dedicated IPv4 IPs.

Secure Socket Layer Protection

I know this sounds like some futuristic Star Trek crap but an SSL is actually a pretty simple concept.

An SSL, or secure socket layer, creates an encrypted tunnel from your visitor computer to your server. Inside this tunnel, all communication and data are safely protected and free from prying eyes.

Free Backups

Cyber attacks are on the rise and they do not seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

Also, by using a web host that offers daily backups, you can ensure that, even if your website is targeted by a ransomware attack, you will be able to quickly get your content back online without missing a beat.

UpTime And DownTime

Website SpeedUptime, as the name implies, is simply a measurement of the amount of time that your website is online. Anything above 99% is decent, and, ideally, you want a hosting service that can provide 99.95% uptime or better.

Downtime is a measurement of the amount of time that your website is down or unable to be accessed.

If you want to maintain a professional appearance with your users, this is one of the biggest things that you will want to avoid. Luckily, if you opt for one of the services we are about to recommend, this will be a thing of the past and you can enjoy lightning-fast speeds, high security, and nominal downtime.

Data Centers

Data centers are the physical location of the server you will be using. The closer the data centers are to your end-users, the less distance the information will have to travel and the faster your website will be.

Data Centers Around The World

It is important to ensure that the data centers you will be using are close to your end users.

Customer Support

Unless you happen to be a coding wizard or technical genius, you are going to need amazing support to ensure that your website stays up and running and avoids any potential hiccups.

For those of you who do not have 22 years to watch lengthy YouTube videos, this means you will want a dedicated server hosting Canada service that provides high-quality 24/7 customer support.

You will avoid companies that outsource their support to India or who only offer their users online tickets or email support.

A dedicated server hosting in Canada is going to cost you a pretty penny so you want to make sure that you have access to chat so that you can get your money worth.


If you are thinking that using a wide variety of strong passwords for your online activities is unnecessary then this part is for you.

High-quality server-level security will greatly reduce the risk of your website being breached by a DDoS or brute force attack and will help ensure that your own security standards do not result in the abject destruction of your entire online infrastructure.

Be sure to choose a web host that provides you with DNS protection, active website monitoring, and other advanced security features.

Although dedicated server hosting in Canada certainly is not for everyone, the above services will help you stretch your budget and maximize your investment so that you can rest easy knowing that your website is operating at peak capacity.

While there is plenty of other dedicated server hosting in Canada that is good, we prefer to recommend only the greats.

Our goal is to help Canadians understand hosting and empower them to start their own blogs or online businesses.


What Is the Best Dedicated Server Hosting Canada Company?

The best-dedicated server hosting Canada company is Kinsta due to their best-in-class speeds as well as their top-notch security and customer support.

What Is Dedicated Web Hosting?

Dedicated Server hosting in Canada is when one server is devoted to a single website or company. This enables all the server resources to be available for that one company.

What Is the Difference Between Dedicated and Non-Dedicated Servers?

A non-dedicated server hosting means that the resources on the server or servers your company is utilizing are shared. A dedicated server hosting in Canada allows all the resources on a server to be available for one company or website.

But with a dedicated hosting package, their customer support is next level. In the unlikely event that you have any issues with your service, their effective support team will help you get back up and running in no time flat.

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