What is a Dedicated Server WordPress Hosting

We can attribute this to WordPress’s flexibility, ease of use, countless features, and so on. However, you can’t guarantee the success of your site just by using WordPress.

You also have to think about web design, content, SEO, security, and hosting. For a start, let’s talk about dedicated WordPress hosting and how it can help you achieve your goals.

Dedicated Server WordPress Hosting

What is a Dedicated Server WordPress Hosting?

Dedicated Server WordPress hosting is renting a physical server for your site and your site alone. You will have full control of the server, and be the only one using its resources.

You don’t share it with anyone else, giving you security, power, and flexibility. It is also designed and configured specifically for WordPress sites.

To better understand what it is, let us take a brief look at the other types of hosting below.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the flipside of dedicated WordPress hosting in short, with shared hosting, multiple websites are hosted on one server. Each website shares the resources of that server, including the RAM, and CPU.

It is great for entry-level websites without a huge need for resources. It’s also much cheaper, so you don’t have to pay for a dedicated server WordPress hosting if you don’t need its benefits yet.

It is also a good choice for beginners because it doesn’t have much room for customization.

However, sharing the same server with other websites has a lot of disadvantages.

Virtual Private Server Hosting

Virtual Private Server hosting is closer to dedicated hosting. It provides an environment that mimics a dedicated server, although you will still share the physical server with other websites.

Suppose Virtual Private Server hosting is renting a studio apartment in a building instead of renting a room in a house with a communal area. You get your kitchen and bathroom, but you are still sharing a building.

You will get more space and you have the resources all to yourself. You also have more control and flexibility. Still, you will be sharing with the other residents of the building.

Benefits of Dedicated Server WordPress Hosting

Dedicated Server WordPress hosting is more expensive than other options. Check out if any of the benefits below are important to you.


Dedicated hosting offers enhanced security because no one else but you have access. You ensure that you have full control of the physical access to the machine. It is also easier to comply with HIPAA and PCI.

You don’t risk sharing the same space with malware websites and other malicious sites. Other sites in a shared server might not have proper security measures in place. This would also put your website at risk.

Your dedicated server WordPress hosting is also isolated from the hosting company’s services. Hosting companies have a separate secure data center for dedicated servers.


You will not have to share your resources on a dedicated server. You get the full resources of a single server. You don’t have to worry about the other websites using up the server’s CPU and RAM.

Some other things can slow your website down at no fault of your own with a shared server. The other website might be running bad scripts, for example, or having a spike in bandwidth usage.

If you need more resources, they will be readily available to you. Even at peak times, you can still get peak performance.


Server crashes are less likely on dedicated servers, as well. Data centers have many backup power sources so that the servers will keep running when the local power grids fail.

They use various power sources to account for every possible power failure. It is up to you when to do your maintenance. Site downtimes are in your control. In shared servers, you can’t choose when the server will go down for maintenance.


With a dedicated server, you can always manage the system configurations according to your needs. You can customize the CPU, RAM, and storage space to your unique needs.

You can also load up the software you want to use, whereas you are stuck with a shared server’s software.

While this is helpful, it also limits what you can do. You might also get stuck with software you don’t even need at all.

You have root access to the server, so you have more control over the software and hardware. You can also monitor server usage because of this.


In line with the above, you can also configure the resources to your needs. As your company and website grow, you will likely need more resources to keep everything running smoothly.

This is not always possible with other hosting options. That is because you are at the mercy of whatever resources a server has left for your website. You will have to share those with others.

Upgrading your server is easier than migrating to a new server when a shared server doesn’t cut it anymore. As such, you don’t have to take down your site for maintenance while you sort things out.

Get Managed Services with Your Dedicated Server WordPress Hosting

Dedicated Server WordPress hosting can provide your business with unlimited room to grow and the flexibility you need to get the most from your website. However, you will probably need experts to help manage it.

Get started with Dedicated Server WordPress Hosting

Dedicated Server WordPress hosting is a very niche product. For many WordPress sites, you will be better off with a VPS than dedicated hosting as a VPS still gets you dedicated resources at a lower price point.

However, some WordPress sites do need dedicated hosting, either because of high-traffic compliance that requires a separate server for your site.

While we covered three impressive companies offering dedicated server WordPress hosting, one option particularly caught our attention: InMotion Hosting.

With flexible features and a relatively accessible starting price, we think that InMotion Hosting is the most efficient way to upgrade your site.


What is dedicated server WordPress hosting?

Dedicated server WordPress hosting is a top-tier plan that provides all the resources of a server to a single website. Unlike shared or VPS hosting in which the resources are distributed or shared among multiple websites on one server.

Do I need dedicated server WordPress hosting?

Usually, you are not required to have dedicated server WordPress hosting if you are just a blogger or running a small website initially.

But it becomes essential when, you are running high-traffic websites for eCommerce or for your business, that require dedicated resources and top-notch security.

Who needs dedicated hosting?

For websites that hit high monthly traffic, security is your utmost concern, requires up to 100% uptime and high performance usually requires dedicated WordPress hosting.

Generally, eCommerce and large enterprise websites opt for dedicated hosting for their premium and advanced services.

What are the advantages of dedicated server hosting?

Dedicated Server WordPress hosting provides a more reliable, secure, stable, and independent platform other than VPS and shared hosting.

It helps to isolate you from sharing resources and save with any other website which can be a home for malware, and become a potential threat to your website.

Also, these dedicated WordPress servers provide a best in class security, which is another big reason for enterprises and businesses prefer to host their website on Dedicated hosting.

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