Earn Money with Surveys

Earn money with Surveys: It is not too good to be true. There are paid online survey sites where you can earn extra money. Some of them are even reputable. But is it easy cash? Will you be able to buy your island soon? 

No and no.

Some of them may be worth your time, however, if you keep a few rules in mind:


What is a survey?

A survey is a survey sent to you from a website in return for your info or any commercial purposes. It is often a marketing technique that is meant to gather data to generate revenue. It could also be research done by a certain company. It is not always your destiny to reach the top of the leader board.

If you want to earn money via surveys, you must be aware of some common techniques:

Category surveys: Earn Money with Surveys

A survey can be categorized into several categories including lifestyle, travel, parenting, happiness, and productivity. People who like a particular category could send a survey to a certain category of people, thereby, making them send it to other categories.

How to find the best survey sites for money

Take a look at your favorite search engine for money.

Usually, you can find reputable and reliable surveys on some of them, that is where you can find the greatest value for your time and effort.

If you type something like “Survey website survey” or “Survey sites for money”, you will likely find some links. For instance, you can click to read what the survey portal has to offer.

If you are new to the world of surveys, just click on a site that has the money to offer. You may find some that are a complete scam.

But, remember that there is usually something on every page to attract you to take part in the survey.

What you should pay attention to:

The Terms & Conditions.

Keep these rules in mind before signing up

Don’t sign up for one of the sites without reading the terms and conditions carefully. Some of these surveys are quite targeted to certain demographic groups. Many of them carry negative connotations. Beware of the legit sites. Don’t sell your data to advertisers. Be consistent. Take the surveys regularly and stick to them. There are no prizes, gifts, or bonuses when you quit early. It is only money.

Keep these tips in mind before you sign up for these websites.

Survey sites to choose from

This is going to sound like a cop-out, but you don’t have to sign up for all of them. It is the habit of overuse. On average, you should choose about 5 to 10 that you feel like giving a chance. The better ones may not ask for a lot of money.

  • Schedule your time for surveys
  • Follow the instructions correctly
  • Pay attention to the time limit
  • Be kind to your customers

To be honest, there is not a secret trick that will help you get rich quickly as a result of survey work. But if you follow a few simple rules, you can usually make a decent profit from surveys.

If you have already tried the most popular free online survey sites, you should know that there are paid sites that are worth your time. Although they offer less interesting jobs, there are still some good survey sites out there.

You will earn around $20 to $40 a week or more by taking surveys. While this is not enough money to buy a luxurious home or a boat in the Bahamas, you can make a decent profit from it if you follow the right steps.

Keep reading if you are serious about making money online.

Do your research on the site first

If you think you are ready to begin, do your research. After all, it is the whole point of the exercise.

Spend an hour or so trying out the sites with a good layout, only looking at the survey pages.

Read the reviews or contact customer support with questions.

Listen to what the surveyors are saying.

Most of the best sites will have feedback, which will give you a clear idea of what to expect.

Take advantage of certain things

If you are looking for extra income, don’t just submit every online survey that comes your way.

Most survey sites will have the terms and conditions on their homepage. Many times you can see that the survey has a specific set of requirements such as answering a specific question or reaching a specific set of results. So take advantage of that.


Online surveys and affiliate programs are becoming more and more popular.

They are both easy ways to get your foot in the door.

If you go through the right steps, you will soon be raking in money.

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