How to Earn Money Through Ads Clicking Easypaisa 2023

How to Earn Money Through Ads Clicking: You can make money online from your home. Many of these methods are easy and well-paid.

Ad watch is the easiest job. You just need to watch ads and earn money. If you are looking for an advertising-watching job, you have landed on the right page.

Because I will tell you about a high-paying website that can help you generate passive income every day. I am glad you are interested. Let us begin with a brief introduction.

How to Earn Money Through Ads Clicking Easypaisa
How to Earn Money Through Ads Clicking Easypaisa


This website name is SKdollar. You do not need to worry about it as it is registered with FBR. It is highly reliable and well-paid. I also share some withdrawal proofs at the bottom.

This website allows you to easily make monthly incomes of 10k+ rupees with minimal effort. This website is easy to use and you can earn daily 200-600 PKR by working for 20-30 minutes.

This website is used by many people to earn a living and get a daily payout of their earnings. You should consider joining it to make passive income in your spare hours.

How to Make Money from Viewing Ads

You must activate your account and purchase any package to earn money on the website.

There are four types of packages available. The prices range from 170PKR to 350PKR to 500PKR to 1000PKR. A package must be purchased once and you will make money every day for the rest of your life.

You will find the details for these packages next. Also, you will see photos and other information.

Opportunities to Earn:

Two ways to make money on SKdollar are available. You can make money by watching ads or referring friends. As you see:

  • Ads to Watch
  • Refer friends to our referral program

Here is the information I have on their ads-watching job. This post will explain their referral program. Refer a friend to earn SKdollar.

Let us find out how the SKdollar Ads Watching job works and what the deal entails. I am glad you are interested. So, get started.

How Does SKdollar Advertising Watching Job Work?

First, you must purchase a package in order to claim your daily ads to earn money from this ad-watching position.

How Many Ads Are You Claiming Daily?

It all depends on which package you choose, whether it is 170, 350, or 500 rupees, 500 rupees, or 1000 rupees. A larger package will give you more money, and quicker money.

It all depends on the package you choose. If you purchase a bigger package, you will receive more ads and more earnings.

Following is a list of Packages and Ads that you can claim daily by activating these packages.

  • 170 PKR package, daily 25 ads
  • 350 PKR Package daily 30 ads
  • 500 PKR Package, Daily 40 Ads
  • Daily 50 Ads, 1000 PKR Package

This is the complete list of packages that you can buy. You also have your daily ads. These packages will help you make money online with minimal effort, and save you time.

Here are the details of all packages:

How SKdollar Referral Program Works

SKdollar is considered in most high-paying websites that pay you per referral. On SKdollar you will earn 120 rupees per referral.

It means inviting only one friend and earning 120 rupees just by sharing one link. If you buy a larger package then definitely your reward also increases.

This is simple work just invite your friends and make money at home. Just copy your referral link from your account dashboard and share it on Facebook, WhatsApp, and with your friends.

If you want to know more about their referral system then read this post to refer a friend and earn money on SKdollar.

You will get a detailed guide on how to increase referrals and a lot of interesting things. So, make sure also read this post to increase your earnings on SKdollar.

How to Join SKdollar Website?

There is a very simple process to join SKdollar. Click on the link below, and you will redirect to their account creation page automatically.

Now, enter your name, email, password, etc, and do sign in. After it activates your account by buying anyone package which is so suitable for you. It is up to you how much you want to earn by viewing ads.

So, here is the link to join SKdollar. Click on it and earn money online by viewing ads for a handsome amount.

How to Buy a Package on Skdollar?

To buy a package on SKdollar follow these steps below:

  1. Choose any package which you want to buy i.e. bronze, silver, gold or diamond.
  2. Click on buy now and select payment method JazzCash or Easypaisa.
  3. Now, if you choose Easypaisa you can get the Easypaisa account number where you transfer money to activate the package. Same for JazzCash.
  4. After sending the money, you will get a message which will include your transaction and account number.
  5. Now go to this page from where you bought the package. On this page, you will find two options. One is your account number and the second one is the transaction id. Fill out these options and click on confirm.

That is all your account was activated and you will be able to earn money by viewing ads and referring friends.

How Do I Withdraw My Earnings on SKdollar?

SKdollar is a Pakistani website so, you will get your withdrawals into your Easypaisa and JazzCash accounts. 

Just add your account number and holder name, that is all in 4 to 5 hours you will receive your earnings on your Easypaisa and JazzCash account instantly without any problem.

My Withdrawal Proofs:

As I say on top of that I share my SKdollar withdrawal proofs at the end. So, here is some proof. Let us look and if you want my more withdrawal proofs comment below I will share.

Here are some withdrawal proofs that I withdrew by SKdollar website:

So, guys, these are my some Withdrawal proofs. I hope you will be satisfied whether I join SKdollar or not. 

Now, in order to join SKdollar click the link below, and you will redirect to their account creation page automatically.

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