How to Sell Products on Facebook

How to sell products on Facebook: All advertisers have a problem with Facebook, even the best with the social network face shortfalls in their Facebook apps. Now, I say: from the outside you can say all this as well, but it is different for all of us when you try to sell through Facebook on your business.

Facebook Advertising

As an advertising supervisor with agencies like DMD, I have seen the thing before — Facebook users have little patience and always turn off advertisers who try to skip past their wall. What is even more frustrating is that the advertising on Facebook is much more controlled than ads on any other social network.

Not only that but when users opt-in, they can see only the presence of the brand for an unlimited time. I am not just talking about the wait on behalf of product displays. I am talking about the full-out consumption of the page.

How to Sell Products on Facebook

Facebook Marketplace

I have seen a lot of Facebook owners pull some ingenious ideas to sell, and one of the best ideas I have seen is Facebook’s Marketplace. Of course, this idea is in its infancy and only available to Facebook users in a few states, but as time goes on I don’t see a day in the future that a product can be sold on a Facebook Marketplace without a login or a real individual contact.

For those looking to sell products on Facebook, I have found a way to sell on Facebook without having to buy into Facebook’s Marketplace. Below are my top suggestions, and if you are in a different setting you can shop my suggestions yourself.

Product Sale

The easiest and most convenient way to sell products on Facebook is the easiest and most convenient way to sell any product ever. Go to your local market and strike a deal. Now, this is more difficult when you are buying a generic product, but if your brand is unique, I can see your product being very successful in your local market.

When selling your brand you don’t need to worry about the process of having an initial pitch video, a sign hanging in front of your storefront, or an email all for yourself. All you need to do is walk in and find your local retailer in the few minutes you sit there waiting in the jewelry showroom of your local store.

Pick your product, fill out your profile and offer your best prices and consider your local market and your product. Oh, the thought of not making money on my Facebook page and searching my local market to see if someone wants me to post my products is so stressful I had to look into it.

Products Buy/Sell

I would sell my girl’s apparel for just three dollars. I need a Facebook friend to find her price and write an email so I can post my products Sell. Copy one or two pages and try to look at their success. It can be difficult to understand how the real estate agency in Arkansas is doing the same thing that Facebook’s Marketplace is doing, yet they are only having 30 listings, and Facebook’s Marketplace has 600.

I imagine someone similar to the realtor I am using in that area would have a great number of sellers willing to start bidding. This could be a budget of $3. If the realtor in that market is going to have 50 listings, that’s 50 great candidates who will want to start bidding on my product.

Who would not want to have great happiness in their hands? I would sell my two-in-one Bluetooth speakers for $4 for perfect last-minute gifts. Facebook is making it so difficult to pay people to buy something on the site, you need to give them an incentive and something different and unique.

Enter the great incentive of having a promotion. I could just add some stickers to my Facebook page and give people coupons for future purchases. I had just been adding one more thing to my group and getting to know new contacts. This could make my page look the way I want it to, add stickers and coupons and it will be a unique way to connect my brand to new customers.

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