What Does S Mean on Snapchat

In this article, we will discuss what does S mean on Snapchat and the best way to respond to it. It can be difficult to navigate social media today. With so many acronyms popping up constantly and appearing on the internet, it can be difficult to stay on top of things!

There are guides available to help you understand what these acronyms and emojis mean and help you be aware of what your friend might be trying to tell you.


What Does S mean on Snapchat?

If you are confused as to why you received a blank snap that had an ‘S’ do not worry, you are not the only one. It turns out that the “S” in the snap is a reference to “Streaks”. Snapstreaks are Snapchat method to ensure that you do not forget friends. Snapstreaks are when two users send each other photos for three consecutive days.

The letter ‘S’ is used to mark the snap as a ‘Streak snap’ to differentiate it from a normal snap. The Streaks feature on Snapchat is popular. While they do not give you any powers, Streaks do give you bragging rights, as well as an emoji of flames in the middle of your name on the friend Snapchat account.

What Does S Mean in Snapchat?

There is no single method of sending an S Snapchat. Streak snaps are basically snapshots that users send out to keep streaks. To maintain streaks, users have to share an image within 24 hours. Although this is simple to achieve if you are an avid Snapchatter however, some Snapchatters may find it difficult to imagine sending a picture every day.

The letter S appears on a snap to identify it as it is a Streak snap. This is to help eliminate any confusion that the recipient may encounter when they get a blank snap. If you get the snap that has an S in it, it is important to be aware that the user is transmitting it to you in order to keep your Snapstreak in the application.

How to use the letter S on Snapchat?

As we mentioned earlier The letter S can be used to signify “Streaks”. Therefore, if you are trying to keep your streak going with a person you know and you want to keep them updated, send them a picture with the word ‘S. You can also send the same photo to all the people you are on a streak with. This way, you do not need to send out individual snaps to keep your streak.

Using the pen

The easiest method to send a Streak snap is to utilize the draw function on your snap. Simply snap a photo with the Snapchat camera, and then click the “Draw” button in the right-hand side panel.

Use your finger to draw a nice elaborate S and send it out to your friends.


GIFs are fun to watch and Snapchat offers a nice collection of GIFs. You can add a GIF to your photo to make it Streak snap. Snap a picture with Snapchat Snapchat camera, and then click the ‘Sticker’ option on the right-hand side of the panel.

The search bar located at the top looks up ‘streak’. Go through all the GIFs to discover your most loved. It is possible to add as many you want to the photo.


If you are looking to make your photo more unique, you can opt for the Bitmoji sticker. These stickers will use the image of your Bitmoji avatar to allow you to communicate more effectively through Snapchat. Simply snap a picture with the Snapchat camera, and then click the “Sticker” button on the right-hand side panel.

On the menu on the top, type in ‘streak’. Bitmoji stickers are beneath the GIFs. Click on your preferred Bitmoji sticker to join it into the snap. Add as many stickers as you had want.


Snapchat is famous for its vast collection of stickers. It is possible to add a simple sticker on your snap to identify it as a “Streak” snap. Simply snap a photo by using your Snapchat camera, and then click the “Sticker” button on the left-hand panel.

Within the bar, at the top, type in ‘streak’. The stickers are beneath Bitmoji. Click on your preferred sticker to join it into the snap. Add as many as you had want.

What Does s/u mean on Snapchat?

A lot of people will have seen S / U written in the story on Snapchat. They do not understand what does s/u mean on Snapchat. Then they think or search for the meaning. So let me tell you what that means S/U in Snapchat. Usually means “Swipe Up” but some people use it for different things.

What Does SB mean on Snapchat?

If you use Snapchat. So many people send you messages such as sb. You are thinking what does sb mean on Snapchat. So I will tell you what does sb mean in Snapchat. SB Full means is “Snap Back”. When somebody sends you one snap. Then they ask sb snapback.


“S” is the abbreviation for “streak.”

If you receive a message with the words “S,” “strx,” or “streak,” the sender is trying to track you.

A snapshot that has the letter “S” (or equivalent) is the same as receiving a snapshot with an “S” (or equivalent).

The general rule is to respond when it is accepted, even when it is just the “S” of your choice.

If you are having difficulty understanding some other Snapchat terms, make sure to read our entire guide. There is also a separate section on streaks. Take a look when you are in the mood to go on.

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