What is Unlimited Bandwidth Server Hosting

What is Unlimited Bandwidth Server Hosting: During the planning phase for creating a website and choosing unlimited bandwidth server hosting, which is one of the crucial requirements to consider.

Deciding on the right amount of unlimited bandwidth server hosting, concerning the type of hosting service used for the site is not an easy task. That is for both the beginner and the seasoned website owner.

You must be able to find the right unlimited bandwidth server hosting, for your website’s needs because failure to do so will cause a website to underperform or cost more money. In some cases, it is both.

What is Bandwidth?

Bandwidth can simply be defined as a measure of the level of traffic and the amount of data that can be transferred between your website, the users, and the internet. It is measured in bits per second. The more the bandwidth, the higher the speed of activities going on the website.


Working on Unlimited Bandwidth Server Hosting

Data or level of traffic will always be transferred as long as a user visits a site, uploads, downloads, or streams online.

A two-lane wide highway in the city of Los Angeles will for sure have long traffic and movement will be extremely slow. The reason why there will be so much traffic on such a road is that there are a lot of people in California, especially in Los Angeles.

If the government wishes to reduce the heavy traffic on the road, they would result in widening the lanes of the highway to maybe 4 to 6 lanes. This will for sure improve traffic and ensure everyone gets to be at their desired destination on time.

This analogy can be likened to how bandwidth works. The lanes are the capacity of the bandwidth. If there are too many visitors to a particular site with low bandwidth, the traffic will cause the site to be slow.

If unlimited bandwidth server hosting is high enough to occupy the level of traffic and the data which is being transferred, the user will be able to upload, download and even stream online with little or no interruption. They will enjoy a very speedy response from the website with a larger bandwidth.

Does Unlimited Bandwidth Server Hosting Exist?

There will always be a limit for bandwidth, it just that it happens to be too high to notice. A hosting company can’t provide users with unlimited bandwidth server hosting. Even the dedicated servers have a bandwidth limit.

When a hosting company says it offers unlimited bandwidth server hosting, it means you can use the bandwidth without limits, but it must be within the range the hosting company can acquire. All the servers for your websites have a limit, it is just too much to finish up.

How Much Bandwidth is Required?

After getting the estimate, you will be able to choose the best hosting service for your website.

How To Determine If You Need Unlimited Bandwidth Server Hosting

People want to be able to have their desired content on their website without worrying about a low bandwidth. Below is a simple three-step formula to calculate your estimated bandwidth. Once you know how much bandwidth your website needs, you can make a better decision in finding the right web host.

The formula is pretty basic:

  • Find out how big your average page is in KB.
  • Multiply this by your average number of visitors per month. If you have 15,000 monthly visitors, then you get about 3.15GB.
  • Multiply this by the number of pages viewed by each person.
  • If each person views about 10 pages, then you will need about 32GB of bandwidth at a minimum.

Importance of Website Bandwidth

So, what is unlimited bandwidth server hosting? Bandwidth refers to the rate at which data is allowed to flow between your website and your visitors.

It can be useful to visualize bandwidth as a sieve. Your website data is water, and your client is the cup. The wider the opening at the bottom of the sieve, the faster the rate at which the water will travel into the cup.

In other words, the bigger your bandwidth, the faster the loading times for your clients. Bandwidth is not to be confused with data transfer.

Data transfer refers to the amount of data that can be transferred, while bandwidth is the amount of data that can be transferred within a specific time frame.

Measurement of Bandwidth

Bandwidth is usually measured in Gbps. The more bits per second, the faster your content will load. In some cases, slower bandwidth rates may be measured in Mbps.

Usage of Unlimited Bandwidth Server Hosting

Because different websites require different bandwidth limits from their hosts, you may find that your bandwidth needs to change over time.

If you are wondering whether you currently have enough bandwidth on your plan, it is fairly simple to check your current bandwidth usage.

If you are a Bluehost customer, simply login to your Bluehost cPanel, head to the Statistics page, and click Bandwidth to find what the web hosting bandwidth is on your plan.

How to Increase or Decrease Your Bandwidth

If you use Bluehost, it is easy to upgrade or downgrade your account to increase or decrease your bandwidth limit. Just follow these instructions.

Most web hosts should make it easy for you to add additional bandwidth in emergencies or change your plan as your website grows.

Optimizing Your Unlimited Bandwidth Server Hosting Usage

Overuse of unlimited bandwidth server hosting is one of the most common website issues. If you think your website is using more bandwidth than it needs to, there are several things you can do to get things moving quickly again. 

Use an external host for images and other graphics. Keeping images and videos on an external server means that you will keep your average page sizes down.

Compress your images. If you do want to keep your images on the same server, compress them to reduce their size.

Use a content delivery network to host content. You can also host other content externally using a content delivery network.

Monitor your bandwidth usage as your website grows. As you continue to grow your audience and your website, keep an eye on your bandwidth usage to ensure that new additions to the website are not eating away at it.

Optimizing your website’s bandwidth will help you keep costs down while ensuring your customers are happy. We hope this guide has helped you learn what unlimited bandwidth server hosting is and given you some insights into your website’s bandwidth usage.

Bluehost offers high-quality hosting for your WordPress website. With unmetered bandwidth options, our hosting plans serve websites of all sizes.


Now that you have reached the end, you should be able to know certain things like what is bandwidth? How does it work? How does it work with storage? Also, you should know that there is no such thing as unlimited bandwidth, it is just too much to finish.

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